Eliza meets with fire fighters.

As a public school history teacher, my career revolved around problem-solving, academic excellence, and teaching students to think for themselves. As your next representative, I will uplift my constituents and give them new opportunities to excel.

I have a three-decade track record of listening, learning, and uniting people with different perspectives. I know how to find common ground and build community, even with folks who disagree with each other, because I know we all want the same thing in the end: thriving communities. This is what I will bring to the Capitol every day.

As your representative, I pledge to represent ALL of HD 61. No matter how you vote or what you believe, you deserve every chance to thrive.

I want to hear from you! What issues are most important to you? Let me know!

Eliza for Colorado HD61 is proud to be a PWG Certified Campaign, and to be recognized for fair treatment and competitive compensation for our staff.Logo for Political Workers Guild